The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime forces continue their shelling and carry out a massacre in Ein Tarma, leave about 17 casualties and injuries

The violations which break the truce of the Eastern Ghouta, are still taking place, the violations were shelling, raids and clashes between the regime forces and the factions whether in the east of Damascus or in the Eastern Ghouta, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented renewed sporadic clashes between the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them on one hand, and the fighters of Al-Rahman Corps on the other hand, in Jobar neighborhood on the eastern outskirts of the capital, while the number of missiles which are believed to be of land-to-land and which targeted Jobar neighborhood and the area of Ein Tarma rose to 27 missiles at least on Tuesday morning the 1st of August 2017, the renewed shelling on the city caused the injury of 9 persons including children and citizen women, while the number of people who were killed and who were documented by SOHR, rose to 4, they are 3 citizen women and a child, by the escalation of shelling by the regime forces on Damascus and the Eastern Ghouta, and the number of casualties may increase because of the presence of 13 injuries, some of them are in serious cases.