The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

20 aerial raids and missile strikes target Ein Tarma and Jobar

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the number of raids carried out by warplanes targeting areas at the outskirts of Ein Tarma town, located at the western outskirts of the eastern Ghouta, rose to 4. No casualties were reported. In addition, the regime forces fired 15 missiles, believed to be ground-to-ground, on places in Jobar and Ein Tarma and between them. The SOHR published this morning that warplanes carried out this morning raids that targeted the outskirts and the surroundings of Ein Tarma town and that the regime forces intensively targeted Ein Tarma and the outskirts of the Capital with missiles, believed to be ground-to-ground. It also published that no casualties had been reported so far. The SOHR documented yesterday the death of at least 9 members of the regime forces, including an officer ranking a major, and their allied militiamen along with 12 others who were injured, with various degrees of severity. The factions, on the other hand, managed to arrest one of the members of the regime forces during these clashes. Casualties were reported among Al-Rahman Corps. Clashes were accompanied by intensive shelling by the regime forces with tens of artillery and rocket shells on areas of clashes. The regime forces also managed to make an advancement that enabled them to take control of buildings in the crossfire area and others that were under the control of Al-Rahman Corps. Meanwhile, the regime forces shelled areas in Douma city located in the Eastern Ghouta, but no casualties were reported. Warplanes also carried out yesterday, the 7th of August 2017, around 20 raids targeting Ein Tarma town, its outskirts and Jobar neighborhood. In addition, 24 missiles, believed to be ground-to-ground, were fired on the area separating Jobar from Ein Tarma. The regime forces also targeted at dawn yesterday the outskirts of Jobar neighborhood and the vicinity of Ein Tarma with 8 artillery shells. Moreover, the regime forces fired before and after midnight yesterday 23 missiles, believed to be ground-to-ground, and four artillery shells on areas in Ein Tarma town and its outskirts, causing the injury of 3 persons, including civilians. The shelling was accompanied by clashes between the regime forces and their allied militiamen on one hand and Al-Rahman Corps on the other.