The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

An explosion in an arms depot in Daraa city leaves casualties among fighters of factions operating in the city

Daraa Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: a violent explosion rocked factions-controlled areas in Daraa city. The SOHR learned from several sources that the explosion took place in Daraa Al-Balad in at least one arms and ammunition depot affiliated with factions operating in the city. At least 5 persons, most of them are fighters of the factions, died and information was reported about the injury of others. The explosion also caused material damages. The causes of the explosion are still unidentified though.

It is worth mentioning that Daraa city along with the provinces of the southern Syria, namely Al-Quneitra and Al-Suwaidaa are experiencing calm as a result of the Russian- American-Jordanian truce which came into effect on the 9th of July 2017. Calm prevail in the city since the start of the truce in terms of clashes but is interrupted by shelling by the regime forces and targeting with heavy machine-guns. In addition, factions shell the regime-controlled areas in the city and its countryside.