The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Continuous clashes in areas in the outskirts of the Eastern Ghouta with violent shelling by the regime forces on the area

Rif Dimashq Province – T he Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: The regime forces renewed their shelling targeting areas in the town of Ein Tarma and the western outskirts of the Eastern Ghotah, where the activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights observed the targeting of Ein Tarma town and its vicinity by 20 missiles believed to be land-to-land, fired by the regime forces, without information about casualties, while clashes continued between the regime forces supported by gunmen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities on one hand, and the fighters of Al-Rahman Corps on the other, in areas in the vicinity of Ein Tarma town and the area of its valley, amid confirmed information about the ability of the regime forces to advance in buildings in the area, and increase the size of their control, with a cover of intensive shelling targeted the clash area, and information about casualties in the ranks of both parties, as a result of exchange of shelling and clashes.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published hours ago that the regime forces continue shelling the clash areas and other areas in Ein Tarma, Wadi Ein Tarma and the neighbourhood of Jobar, where it rose to 36, the number of missiles believed to be ground-to-ground launched by the regime forces since the morning of today on areas in the town of Ein Tarma and Jobar neighbourhood, accompanied by renewed shelling by the regime forces with at least 10 shells on areas in Jobar neighbourhood, amid the continuation of the clashes at varying level of violence between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them against Rahman Corps in Manasher area, AlMotahalik AlJanobi and the vicinity of Ein Tarma town.