The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces achieve advancement in hills and areas east of Salamiyah city in the eastern countryside of Hama

Hama Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: regime forces renewed their shelling targeting areas in Hirbnafsah Town in the southern countryside of Hama, which caused material damage, but no information about casualties, while regime forces shelled areas in Al-Quneitrat village, amid clashes between regime forces supported by gunmen loyal to them on one hand, and the fighters of the factions on the other, in areas near Homs – Salamiyah Highway, while explosions shook several areas in the eastern countryside of Salamiyah city, caused by carrying out more raids by the Russian warplanes as well as regime’s warplanes, targeting areas controlled by ISIS in the countryside of Salamiyah city, the violent clashes are accompanied by the continuation of clashes between regime forces and militiamen loyal to them on one hand, and the members of ISIS on the other, in areas in the vicinity of Dakila and Jana Elelbawi areas and Salba area, where regime forces managed to achieve advancement and take control of some hills in Elelbawi area, the clashes and raids were accompanied by shelling by regime forces on the clash areas, and information about confirmed casualties in the ranks of the both parties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published few hours ago that it monitored the Russian warplanes and others belong to the regime forces while carrying out tens of airstrikes on the organization-held areas in Uqayribat town and the villages controlled by the “Islamic State” organization in the eastern and northeastern countryside of Salamiyah within the besieged area. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that more than 120 raids targeted the villages of Al-Hessu, Jannah al-Alabawi, al-Rwayda, Abu Hanaya, Abu Hbeilat and other areas in the area of Uqayribat, and several local sources told the Syrian Observatory that at least 60 civilians were killed and injured in the aerial shelling on al-Rwayda village and several other areas in the eastern countryside of Hama. At least 22 of them were killed, including 6 children and 4 women, while the death toll is expected to increase because there are injured people in serious conditions, in addition to the missing people, whose fate is still unknown, while many of the injured exist in the area which was shelled because it is difficult to rescue them due to the ongoing shelling on the area by the warplanes and the regime forces.

This escalation of the destruction of infrastructure and the heavy shelling on the villages in the eastern countryside of Hama and the destruction of these villages by Russian warplanes and the regime’s aerial and ground targeting were coincided with the increasing bad humanitarian conditions, where 5 thousand civilians exist in this besieged area in the villages in the eastern countryside of Hama and the area linked to the eastern countryside of Homs, and they are suffering from tragic situations, due to the great shortage of food, medicines, hospitals and medical care, in addition to the shortage of the doctors specialized in some critical cases.

While local sources called on the international community, through the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to put pressure on the actors to open a safe corridor for allowing thousands of civilian including children, men, women and elders to get out from areas controlled by the “Islamic State” organization, while sources from the area asserted to the Syrian Observatory that hundreds of families were transferred to areas near Salamiyah – Ithriyah in order to transfer them to the factions-held area and areas controlled by Tahrir al-Sham, while the contact with tens of civilians was lost during their displacement and fleeing from the organization-held areas in the eastern countryside of Hama.