The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shelling on the northern countryside of Homs and the southern countryside of Aleppo by the regime forces

Homs Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: places in Al-Houla area which is located in the northern countryside of Homs, were shelled by a number of shells, in conjunction with opening fire of the regime forces’ heavy machineguns on areas in Al-Houla, and there was no information about causing casualties, while the clashes are continuing between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them on one hand, and the members of the “Islamic State” organization on the other, in areas in Sha’ir – Jib Al-Jarah – Shomariyyeh triangle in the eastern countryside of Homs, amid shelling by the regime forces on areas controlled by the organization and exchange of targeting between the both parties on the clash areas between them

Aleppo Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: areas in Al-Hajeb town which is located in the southern countryside of Aleppo, were shelled by the regime forces, which caused material damage, without causing casualties.