The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Advances for YPG in Ein al-Arab”Kobane”

SOHR was informed that YPG took control on few buildings around Ein al-Arab”Kobane” after violent clashes against the IS, YPG advanced in the governmental square and east of Azadi yard in addition to taking control on the cultural center in the city, the clashes accompanied by mutual bombardment from both sides and led to death of 18 fighters from ISIS in addition to human losses in YPG.
Coalition warplanes went in 5 air strikes targeted ISIS east of the city, confirmed reports of losses in ISIS. YPG fighters targeted 2 motorcycles for ISIS between Aleppo and Kobane in addition to targeting a car in Tal Hejab village and a Vehicle between Helnej and Shekh Joban, what killed a number of fighters from the IS.