The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The strikes of the International Coalition on Al-Raqqah city kill 14 citizens including 11 of one family and raise the number of casualties of the air strikes on the city to more than 1020 casualties

Al-Raqqah Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the warplanes of the International Coalition continued their strikes during the past 24 hours, on areas remained under the control of the “Islamic States” organization whose area approaches about 34% of the area of Al-Raqqah city, in which the SOHR documented the death of 14 citizens they are two brothers and another young man in addition to 11 members of one family they are a woman and two of their children and a man, his wife and two of his children one of them was killed with his wife and three of his children, thus, the number of civilian casualties who were documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in Al-Raqqah city and its countryside, since the 5th of June 2017, has increased to 1021 citizens including an activist in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 241 children and 168 citizen women, and the casualties are 1005 citizens including 238 children at least under the age of eighteen and 164 citizen women over the age of eighteen, they were killed in Al-Raqqah city, in addition to 16 citizens, 3 children and 4 citizen women were killed by raids on Zor Shammar village and another area on the southern banks of the Euphrates River in the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqah, the air strikes also resulted in the injury of hundreds of citizens with varying degrees of severity, some of them have amputated limbs and permanent disabilities, while some of the injuries are still in serious cases, which may lead to the increase of the number of casualties, while dozens of houses and service facilities were destroyed in the city, as a result of this intensive bombing, which targeted Al-Raqqah city and its vicinity and outskirts.

This escalation of the aerial bombing and the death of more citizens come with the minimizing of the “Islamic State” organization scope of control, and the organization remained controls Al-Andalus, the north of Sekat Al-Qitaar, Al-Huriya, Teshreen and Al-Tawaso’yah neighborhoods in the northern section of Al-Raqqah city, while ISIS still controls other neighborhoods with varying degrees of control, which are witnessing clashes between the Syria Democratic Forces against ISIS, they are Al-Bareed and Al-Nahdain the western section of the city, and Al-Ameen and Althaknah neighborhoods in the middle of Al-Raqqah city, and Al- Rawdah and Al-Ramliyah in the north-east of Al-Raqqah city, while the SDF managed to take the control of Al-Sabahiya, Al-Romaniya, Hittin, Al-Qadessiya, Yarmouk and Al-Kareem neighborhoods in the west of Al-Raqqah city, and Hisham Bin Abd al-Malik and Nazlat Shhada neighborhoods in the southern section of the area, and Al-Sena’aa, Al-Mashlab, the Old City and Al-Battany in the eastern section of the city, and Dar’eiyah, al-Morur and Al-Mansur neighborhoods, they also reached the outskirts of Al-Ameen and Al-Thaknah neighborhoods, and took the control of parts of Al-Ramliyah, Al-Rawdah, Al-Bareed and Al-Nahdah.