The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The warplanes shell Qal’aat al-Madiq town after about 24 hours of a massacre killed about 10 citizens

Hama Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that warplanes whose identity is not known if they were Russian targeted areas in Qal’aat al-Madiq town in the far north-western countryside of Hama by about 5 raids, which resulted in the injury of a large number of people, some of them are seriously wounded, and this renewed shelling on the town came after about 24 hours of carrying out a massacre by warplanes on the town, which resulted in the death of 9 persons including two children and 3 citizen women, as well as leaving a large number of injuries some of them are seriously wounded, which may lead to the increase of the number of casualties.