The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After controlling the biggest gas field…the forces of the “Jazeerah Storm” continue their attempts to enter Sor town

Deir Ezzor Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the military operations are continuing in areas in the of the Euphrates River between the “Islamic State” organization on one hand, and the Syria Democratic Forces on the other, and this is within the operation of the “Jazeerah Storm”which is led by Deir Ezzor military Council, which aims to end the presence of the organization in the area and in the southern countryside of Al-Hasaka, and the SOHR learned that the violent clashes between the two parties are concentrating in the vicinity of Sor town at a distance of about 3 km, in a continuous attempt by the SDF to advance in the besieged town by them and to enter from two areas they are the grains warehouse and Al-Muroor post, and the violent clashes and the attempt of the advancement came with a cover of intensive shelling by the International Coalition warplanes which are targeting the contact areas and other positions in the town, amid information about that the forces of the “Jazeerah Storm” operation managed to capture members of the organization, and in the same context,