The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The SDF controls a village opposite to al-Kubar Nuclear Reactor, in which the first air drop of the coalition took place in 2017

Deir Ezzor province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that violent clashes are still ongoing between the SDF backed by the International coalition’s warplanes against members of ISIS east of the Euphrates River in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, where reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the forces of Deir Ezzor Military Council and the Kurdish Units managed to control the village of al-Kubar Jazeera, which is opposite to the area of al-Kubar Shamiyyah  which is controlled by the regime forces and was shelled by Israel ten years ago on the pretext of the presence of a nuclear reactor there, and the clashes were accompanied by an exchange of shelling between both parties, leaving confirmed human losses in their ranks.

This advancement coincides with continued and violent clashes between the forces of Deir Ezzor Military Council and the YPG backed by the US Special Forces against members of ISIS in areas located in the vicinity of al-Siwar town which is controlled by the organization in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, amid shelling by the international coalition warplanes on the positions in the outskirts of the town and the clash area, and there is no information about humans losses.

The process of controlling the villages comes within the attempt of the SDF to end the presence of ISIS east of the Euphrates and in the northwestern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also obtained information from reliable sources which confirmed that an airdrop took place on the afternoon of the 8th of January 2017, in Al-Kubar area in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, and which is near Madan area east of Al-Raqqah, and in the details obtained by SOHR then, 4 helicopters, believed to be related to the International Coalition, and whose nationalities are not known until now, landed in the area which is located between the villages of Al-Kubar and Al-Jazrah in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, accompanied by two warplanes in order to protect and cover the place, where a car was carrying members of ISIS was targeted, which resulted in the deaths of all those who were in the car, and the members who landed from the helicopters held blocks on the road between Al-Kubar village and the nearby Water Station, and between it and Al-Jazrah village, and the sources confirmed to SOHR then that among the members who carried out the airdrop in Al-Kubar area there were members speak Arabic, and did not expose to citizens who passed through the area at that time of the airdrop, while the airdrop’s members attacked the Water Station which is near Al-Kubar village, where members of ISIS were killed and arrested, and all the dead bodies of organization were taken by the airdrop’s members during leaving the area, and the sources confirmed that the operation took place yesterday afternoon and lasted until 4 pm, and that the planes were seen coming from the north of Syria, the operation resulted in the killing of 25 members at least of ISIS in addition to capturing of other members of the organization.