4 years after arresting him…a university student dies in the regime's security detention centers • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

4 years after arresting him…a university student dies in the regime’s security detention centers

Damascus Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the university student Hazem Harir, who arrested by the regime forces 4 years ago, and then showed him on one their T.V channels within “recorded confessions”, was killed in the Syrian security detention centers, in which his family was reported that he was died in the detention center which he was in, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published at the beginning of August 2017, that the Syrian programmer of Palestinian nationality Basil al-Safadi was killed in his place of detention, after being detained for more than 5 years, and in the details obtained by the observatory from cross-sources, Al-Safadi was arrested in mid-March 2012 while he was working also a programmer and technical developer, and the family of the programmer Basil al-Safadi accused the regime forces of executing him directly, after being transferred from Damascus Central Prison.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Observatory received confirmed information from reliable sources within the regime’s security, the most important of which are the Air Intelligence and State Security services, as well as reliable sources in Sednaya military prison, reported that at least 60000 detainees have been killed inside these branches and in Sednaya prison during the past 5 years, either as a result of direct physical torture or deprivation of food and medicine.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights until now was able to document the death of 14715 detainees including 118 children under the age of eighteen and 57 woman over the age of eighteen, since the start of the Syrian revolution in the middle of March 2011, until today the 27th of September 2017, some of them the authorities of the Syrian regime have handed their bodies to their families, while others have been informed that their children have died inside the detentions, and they asked them to issue a death certificate for them, they also have forced some of the families whose sons were killed under torture in regime’s jails to sign declaration that they had been killed by opposition militant groups, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received information at that time about the existence of many cases of citizens who were killed under torture within regime’s jails, in which their parents and relatives have kept the information about their death hidden, fearing security prosecution and arrest.

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