The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 250 air strikes target the capital of “Al-Khair State” and other towns and villages in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor leaving large destruction and more casualties

125 casualties at least including about 70 children and citizen women during five consecutive days witnessed more than 1050 strikes carried out by the Russian as well as the regime’s warplanes.

The murders take turns to shed the blood of the Syrians, and fill the surroundings with the killing machines which poured their full hatred on the Syrian villages, towns and cities, under the pretext of “liberating the Syrian territories, protecting the citizens and fighting the “Islamic State” organization “, so the warplanes aimed their missiles at their targets, thus, the slogan turned into ((the destruction of the Syrian villages, towns and cities and the killing of citizens)), while the pretext of the presence of the “Islamic State” organization is still the excuse of the murders to carry out their massacres, amid the satisfaction and the acceptance of the deaf, blind and dumb International Community.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored hours ago, that the Russian warplanes as well as Bashar Al-Assad regime’s warplanes, carried out more than 250 strikes, targeting by more than half of them, Al-Mayadin city, which ISIS took it as a capital of “Al-Khair State”, while the other half of the total number of the strikes on the 3rd of October 2017, targeted Bakrus, Al-Boleel, Al-Zbari, Sa’loo, Al-Muhasan and Al-Toob and other towns in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, causing a great destruction of the houses of the citizens and the infrastructure of the areas which were shelled, and resulted in the fall of more casualties and wounded, of who didn’t manage to leave as a result of the intensive bombing, after tens of thousands of citizens displaced leaving their houses and headed to Deir Ezzor desert, to survive themselves away from the bombing that didn’t leave a safe place in the area.

While the intensive air strikes caused more casualties and wounded, including children and citizen women, to raise the death toll to 125 persons at least including 36 children and 33 citizen woman, who were killed in the bombing, since the dawn of Friday the 29th of September 2017 until the 3rd of October 2017, as a result of the bombing on Deir Ezzor province, the intensive raids also left tens of injuries, some of them are still in serious condition, in which the number of the air strikes exceeded 1050 strikes of which carried out by the Russian as well as the regime’s warplanes and helicopters, while the intensive raids resulted in the displacement of 100 thousand citizens from the villages extended from Al-Bomar town to Al-Bokamal and Al-Mayadin cities, including tens of thousands of children and citizen women, who left their houses in their villages, towns and cities, heading to Deir Ezzor desert, avoiding the intensive bombing accompanies by the Russian supported operations of the regime forces in Deir Ezzor, and “Al-Jazeera Storm” operation backed by the International Coalition, which were accompanied by the displacement of about 50 thousand citizens from the villages and the towns of Hatla, Al-Salihiyah, Marrat, Mazlum, Khesham, Tabyat Jazeera, Jadeed Bakkara, Jadeed Ekaydat, Al-Dahlah and Al-Sabha, in the eastern banks of  the Euphrates River to areas far from the shelling and the clashes and before the start of the regime’s military operation, which aims to advance into the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor and Al-Mayadin city.