The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shelling on Jabal al-Akrad and people got injured in mine explosion in Al-Bab city northeast of Aleppo

Lattakia province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: areas in the vicinity of Kaban and Sarmaniyah villages in Jabal al-Akrad  in the northern countryside of Lattakia were shelled by the regime forces after artillery shelling on the areas and there is no information about injuries.

Aleppo province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: a child was injured and information about others got injured due to a landmine explosion planted earlier by ISIS in the countryside of Al-Bab city, and Al-Bab area and other areas in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo have been witnessing, during the past weeks and months, explosions of tens of mines that caused material damage, in addition to martyrdom and injuries of tens of citizens while they were passing on these mines that were planted by ISIS in the city and its vicinity in the northeastern countryside  of Aleppo at the time ISIS used to control the countryside before its presence was ended in Aleppo province at the end of June of 2017.