The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

1400 killed in 80 days of clashes, bombardment, and suicide explosions in Ein al-Arab”Kobane”

SOHR documented the death of 1381 people since the 16th of September/2014 when the IS started its attack on EIn al-Arab”Kobane”, until yesterday’s midnight in the 6th of December/2014.

The dead included, 27 Kurdish civilians, the IS executed 17 civilians of them (including 2 teenagers ), 4 of them were beheaded in Ein al-Arab”Kobane” countryside, in addition to 4 civilians killed by ISIS bombardment on Ein al-Arab”Kobane” which started in the 27th of September.

431 fighters from YPG and al-Asayesh, were killed by ISIS bombardment and clashes against the IS in Ein al-Arab”Kobane” and its surroundings, including a female leader in the woman protection units, and a number of fighters who were beheaded ( including 3 females ).

905 fighters from the IS, killed during clashes against YPG and al-Asayesh, and targeting their vehicles and locations by YPG fighters in EIn al-Arab”Kobane” and its surroundings, 23 of them detonated themselves in areas in the city and its countryside.

17 rebels who were backing the YPG in the fight against the IS were killed during the clashes in the countryside of Ein al-Arab”Kobane” .

A volunteer in YPG was killed when he was carrying ammo in his car in one of the fighting fronts in the city.

We, in SOHR, believed that the real number of casualties in ISIS is higher than our number with 500 ,because there is absolute secrecy on casualties in the IS, and due to the difficulty of access to many areas and villages that have witnessed violent clashes and bombardment.