The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

At least 50 casualties -more than half of them are children and women- in successive massacres in the countryside of al-Bokamal in 36 hours retaliating for the loss of the gunmen loyal to the regime

The number of human losses continues to rise in the countryside of Bokamal in the eastern section of Deir Ezzor Province, as a result of the death of more citizens and the fall of more casualties in the continued shelling by the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, and the bombing by warplanes on areas in the countryside of al-Bokamal city and the banks of the Euphrates River, where it rose to 50 at least, the number of persons who were killed in 36 hours of aerial and artillery shelling since the 10th of November 2017 until the dawn of today the 12th of Sunday of the same month, and among the casualties there are 20 children under the age of eighteen and 6 citizens over the age of eighteen, and the casualties were 25 civilians including 15 children and 4 women were killed in shelling the sources said its source was the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, which targeted a camp area of displaced people of Bokamal in al-Sekkariyyeh area, and 5 casualties including 2 children and 2 women wert killed in bombing on the river crossing of al-Susah, and 6 people were killed in shelling on al-Ramadi river crossing, and 14 people including 3 children were killed in raids on al-Safafiyyah camp area and villages, and areas of al-Abbas, al-Marashdah, Sbikhan and Abu Hammam, also the aerial bombardment and artillery shelling have wounded tens of others, which may raise the death toll where some people are in critical situation, in addition to the presence of missing persons whose fate is unknown.

These successive massacres come as a retaliation by the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian, Arab and Asian nationalities for their loss of al-Bokamal city, hours after controlling it, as a result of an offensive and violent attack by the “Islamic State” organization, where the organization inflected large number of casualties in the ranks of the loyal gunmen of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, while the airstrikes continue on Sunday the 12th of November, targeting al-Bokamal city, al-Quriyyah, al-Sha’afah, Sbykhan, al-Jala’a and al-Salhiyyeh, and other areas on the banks of Euphrates River in the eastern section of Deir Ezzor Province.