The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

109 people were killed including 13 members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen and 61 persons were killed in a massacre in Al-Atareb town market.


It rose to 66, the number of those joined on Monday the convoy of martyrs of the Syrian Revolution

In Aleppo province, 61 persons including 6 women and 5 children and 3 members of “Free Police” due to shelling by warplanes on Al-Atareb town market in the western countryside of Aleppo

In Deir Ezzor province, 3 citizens were killed in shelling by the regime forces on areas in Hawija Kate’ in the outskirts of Deir Ezzor city.

In Al-Raqqa province, 2 brothers were killed in landmine explosion in Al-Raqqa

An Iraqi citizen was killed in shelling by militiamen loyal to the regime on places in Al-Marshada village in the countryside of Al-Bukamal city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, and 5 citizens including 2 women and 2 children due to airstrikes on a camp for the displaced in Al-Quriyah town east of Al-Mayadeen

At least 19 members were killed inside the military base of Deir Ezzor, they are 6 Chechen members of ISIS, who managed to enter the military base of Deir Ezzor, wearing Russian military outfits, and when they reached the military base in the outskirts of Deir Ezzor, they walked out of a vehicle they driving, and opened fire at the regime members in the base, and it coincided with car bombing they were driving, killing 13 members of the regime forces, and 6 members of ISIS were also killed in this attack.

And 6 members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen due to injury in shelling and clashes with ISIS and the factions.

And at least 9 members of ISIS of non-Syrian nationalities were killed in clashes and shelling of warplanes and helicopters and shelling on their areas of presence.