The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Khaled Hyani shells killed and wounded no less than 900 civilians in 162 days

SOHR documented the death of 203 civilians in Aleppo city since the beginning of July/2014 until the 10th of December/2014, killed by shells, IEDs, Gas cylinders, and mortars fired by Badr Martyrs battalion led by Khalid Hayani on areas under control by regime forces.

Including 42 children, and more than 25 women in addition to 136 men and young men.

No less than 700 others were wounded, including women and children, 25% of them were seriously wounded for life.


We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, demand to refer the Khaled Hyani the commander of  Badr martyrs brigade, and the head of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad, and anyone who killed a citizen in Syria  or committed a war crime or a crime against humanity, to an International Criminal Court, even if Russia and China used the Veto in the UN Security Council to prevent this, we call to establish a special international courts in Syria to judge the killers of the Syrian people, and violators of human rights, for what their hands committed against the people of the Syrian people.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which documents the war crimes and crimes against humanity, and violations of human rights committed in Syria Daily, and works hard in order to transmit the file of these crimes to the International Criminal Court or to  special courts, promises the Syrian people, to continue to monitor and document all human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity, committed against the right of the people of Syria, whoever was behind it, and work to build a state of democracy, justice, freedom and equality, despite the abuse suffered by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, by the Syrian regime and its media and supporters, and by a media which trades the blood of the Syrian people .