The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A new casualty by the Turkish border guards in an attempt to cross the border line

Aleppo Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that a young man died affected by the injury he had after being attacked by the Turkish border guard forces, while he was trying to cross to Turkey, thus, the number of casualties has increased to 336 citizens at least including 61 children and 32 citizen women, of who were killed as a result of the continuation of the Turkish border guards to target the Syrian citizens who escaped from the military operation in their areas, towards places where they can find a safe haven that keeps them away of the death that is following them in their country Syria, in order for their children to have a better life and their fate doesn’t end up to be like the fate of more than 19000 children killed since the start of the Syrian revolution, or the fate of tens of thousands of other children who had permanent disabilities, or the fate of thousands of children who were dragged into the military operation and turned into fighters and bombers, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published at the end of July 2017, that The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received in the past month and weeks several videos shows the victims of the Turkish border guards, of who were killed while they were trying to find a safe haven in Turkey, while a lot of the videos showed the Turkish border guards assaulting Syrian citizens after being arrested during their attempts to cross the border line, where members of the Turkish border guards beat and insult them, the last video SOHR has received was on Sunday the 30th of July 2017, and the video showed assault by hands and by a whip on several arrested young men, the video showed the young men being beaten brutally and insulted intentionally while being asked: “what do you have in Turkey to come to it? And are you smugglers?! Are you going to come to Turkey again?!”, then one of the members called his friend and commanded him to beat one of the arrested young men, and told the member who was recording the video: send me the video so I can publish it on WhatsApp, then he threatened them in case they returned to Turkey, saying: “If you are afraid of beaten why did you come to Turkey, do you want us to treat you good?!”