The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More shells target the middle of Damascus and its outskirts and leave more casualties and injuries

The shells are continuing to target areas in Damascus city and its outskirts for the 6th consecutive day, in which the shells targeted this morning places in Dwel’aa area and in Dahiyat al-Assad and Jaramana near the capital, which killed a person in Jaramana and injured 6 others with varying degrees of severity, thus, the death toll has increased to 26 casualties of who were killed due to the fall of shells since last Thursday the 16th of November 2017, while the number of the injury has increased to 161 persons at least including of children and citizen women, in the same period, and the shells targeted during the past few days, places in Dwel’aa area and places in al-Swiqa area, the areas of al-Fahhama and Khalid Bin al-Walid Street, other areas in the Old Damascus, Al-Zabaltani area, al-Fayha’a area, al-Mujtahid area, Al-Abasyeen area, Al-Swiqa neighborhood, Sabaa Bahrat area, Esh Al-Werwer neighborhood, Jaramana, and other areas in  the Old Damascus and Dahiyat al-Assad as well as other places in the middle of the capital.