The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Mass poisoning in Rahman Corps’ stronghold in the Eastern Ghouta kills and injures about 30 people including children and women

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored cases of poisoning among citizens -including children and women- in Zamalka city, which is the stronghold of Rahman Corps in the Eastern Ghouta, where the Syrian Observatory documented the death of 2 girls from one family, and about 25 others were poisoned with deferent degrees of severity. Local and medical sources said that the poisoning was caused by eating something like salt, which was sold in the markets of the Eastern Ghouta as “food salt”, and the treatment continue for the rest of poisoned people by medical teams at the points where they were transported to.

This incident comes after 7 months a poisoning incident, where activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the Eastern Ghouta monitored in the middle of April  2017 the ambulance move about 130 people, including tens of children and citizen women to medical points and health centers in al-Marj area in the Eastern Ghouta, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory; an unknown organization yet have distributed 24 hours from now about 1000 meals to displaced citizens from al-Marj area, in the roads and towns and cities of Saqba, Hammuriyyeh, KafrBatna and Ein Tarma, where the meal included rice and meat, and at the morning of today, an medical cases were taken to points in the Eastern Ghouta, where that medical sources confirmed that cases they received mostly suffered from vomiting, diarrhea and high temperature, also several sources confirmed that the provided meals contained meat with strange taste and smell.

The Eastern Ghouta witnessed a state of alert by those in charge of it, in an attempt to find out who had distributed the food to the displaced people of al-Marj, where the distributed party was not identified because it didn’t write its name on the meals.

It worth mentioning that the eastern Ghouta witnessed on the 24th of June 2016 that more than 750 people including more than 450 children and women were poisoned, because of Ramadan Iftar meals provided by relief parties. Sources in the Eastern Ghouta at the time suggested to the activists of the Syrian Observatory that they may got poisoned because of the high temperatures, where the relief organizations prepare the early in the morning and distribute them to citizens before breakfast (before sunset).