The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The SDF advance and control a village on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River

Deir Ezzor province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: military operation are still ongoing east of the Euphrates River in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor between the “Al-Jazeera Storm” Operation Forces led by the SDF, against ISIS members, following ongoing attacks by the SDF in the area, and the SOHR learned that “Al-Jazeera Storm” Operation Forces managed to control Swaidan village east of the Euphrates, after clashes lasted for several days and accompanied by heavy shelling by the attacking forces, along with bombardment on the clash area, which caused big human losses in the ranks of both parties, where tens of members of both sides were killed and injured in these clashes.

Clashes in the east of the Euphrates were resumed in early December of 2017 following attacks by the SDF to control the remining vllages and towns in the eastern banks of the Euphrates, which are 17 villages and towns. They are Darnj, Abu HArdob, Al-Kashkia, Abu Hamam, Gharnij, Jadla, Al-Bahra, Hajin, Abu Al-Khater, Abu Al-Hassan, Al-Sha’afa, Sousa, Al-Marashda, Al-Shagla, Al-Kashkia, and Al-Baghouz. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the SDF dividing operations, which they besieged the organization in several pockets on the eastern banks of the Euphrates, in an attempt to diverse the forces of the organization and facilitate the control operation over the remaining villages after dividing them to parts, and forcing the organization to withdraw and besiege it within separate pockets on the eastern banks of the Euphrates.