The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Patrol of Asayish Forces along with engineering vehicles demolish a citizen’s house east of Al-Qameshly

Hasaka province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights::  A state or resentment prevails in the eastern countryside of Qamishli, the Kurdish forces-held areas, which is affiliated to the “Democratic Self-administration of Al-Jazeera Canton”, following the destruction of house belongs to a man from Kahtaniya “Tarbu Sabih”, by the Kurdish internal security forces “Asayish”, claiming that he doesn’t own the land he built his house on, and locals asserted to the SOHR that there was previous attempts to demolish the house but the courts of the self-administration overturned the case because the owner of the house presented documents that prove his possession of his house, but a patrol of Asayish along with engineering vehicles came and demolished his house on claims that “unreliability of these documents”.