The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With 1939 casualties…December ends with the least monthly death toll during 2017

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 1939 persons in December 2017, and the death toll is as follows:

Civilian casualties: 700 people including 178 children under the age of eighteen, and 130 women over the age of eighteen, and they were killed as follows:

·        456 including 132 children and 92 citizen women were killed in raids by Syrian and Russian warplanes and by regime’s helicopters on several areas of Syria.

·        66 including 13 children and 8 citizen women were killed in shelling by the regime forces using rocket and artillery shells, missiles believed to be ground-to-ground, targeting and sniper bullets.

·        3 citizens were killed under torture in Syrian security prisons.

·        13 including 2 children and 3 citizen woman were killed in targeting and the fall of mortar shells launched by the rebel and Islamic factions.

·        2 citizens were killed by the fire of the Turkish border guards.

·        5 citizens were executed by the “Islamic State” organization.

·        47 including 12 children and 10 citizen women were killed in airstrikes by the warplanes of the International Coalition.

·        22 citizens including 4 children and 8 women were killed in the detonating of cars and booby trapped vehicles.

·        1 citizen was killed by the factions.

·        55 including 3 children and 6 citizen women were killed in landmine explosions.

·        25 including 10 children and a citizen woman were killed in unknown circumstances.

·        5 citizens including 2 children and 2 citizen women died due to bad healthy conditions and the absence of necessary treatment.

Syrian fighters of Islamic and repel factions and the SDF and other movement s and organizations: 406

The regime forces: 191

Members of the Popular Committees, and the National Defense Forces, and militiamen loyal to the regime forces of Syrian nationalities: 235

Fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah: 13

Fighters of militiamen loyal to the regime of non-Syrian nationalities mostly of Shiite people: 79

Unknown people: 8

Fighters of Islamic and repel factions and ISIS and Nusra Front (Qaeda organization of the Levant), and Mujahedeen and al-Ansar Army and Islamic Turkestan Party of non-Syrian nationalities: 307

We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, reiterates our calls for the international parties to do their utmost efforts to stop the bloodshed of the Syrian people, who faced tyranny and injustice to reach a state of justice, democracy, freedom and equality, as we the Syrian Observatory pledge to continue to monitor and document the massacres, violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Syrian people., in addition to the publication  of statistics about them in order to stop the perpetration of these crimes, violations and atrocities against the Syrian people, and to refer the perpetrators of these violations to the concerned courts of the state, so as not to escape their punishment for the crimes they committed against the people who was and still dream of having a state of democracy, freedom, justice and equality for all the people of Syria.