The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

​The vicinity of Abu Duhur air base witnesses violent clashes and car bombs and tens of the regime forces and their allied militiamen were injured

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that violent clashes are taking place between the regime forces and their allied militiamen of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities against fighters of Hayaat Tahrir Al-Sham, the rebel and Islamic factions and the Turkistan Islamic Party in areas in the vicinity of Abu Duhur military air base following an attack by fighters of the Turkistan Islamic parties, the Hayaat and the factions in an attempt by them to regain control over the airport, after more than 48 hours of losing it, and the control of the air base by the regime forces came 2 years and half after losing it, and the violent clashes were accompanied by 2 car bombs in the area, while the clashes coincided with an exchange of targeting between both parties.

The SOHR learned that violent clashes coincided with heavy and violent shelling, killing at least 24 members of the regime forces and their allies of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, and injuring others with different severity, while Tahrir Al-Sham, Turkestan Islamic Party and the factions managed to advance to the western and southwestern outskirts of the air base and the factions are trying to besiege the regime forces inside it or force them to withdraw through advancing in the vicinity of the base and monitor it from high hills surrounding it, and there is confirmed information about human losses in both ranks.

The SOHR published yesterday that the battles that took place between Hayaat Tahrir Al-Sham, Islamic Turkestan, Nood Al-Din Al-Zeinky Movement, Jaysh Al-Ahrar, Al-Sham Corps, Jaysh Al-Izza, Free Jaysh Idlib, Jaysh Al-Nokhaba, Al-Jaysh Al-Thani, Jaysh Al-Nasr, Ahrar Al-Sham Islamic Movement, against the regime forces and their allied militiamen of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, caused human losses in the ranks of both parties, where the SOHR documented the death of 518 fighters and members who were killed within 28 members of the violent battles that took place in areas northeast of Hama and the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo. They are 221 members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities including at least 20 officers, while 297 fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions, Hayaat Tahrir Al-Sham, Turkestan Islamic Party, including at least 103 fighters of non-Syrian nationalities of Hayaat Tahrir Al-Sham and Turkestan Islamic Party, and hundreds of both parties were inured with different severity, due to the artillery and aerial shelling, clashes and an exchange of targeting on the clash areas.