The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After Ras al-Ayn and Al-Malikiyah…the Turkish forces target the border city of Al-Qamishli leaving wounded

Al-Hasakah Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: explosions were heard today morning Tuesday the 23rd of January 2018, caused by the fall of shells, intersected sources said that they caused by shelling by the Turkish forces which targeted Al-Hilaliyya area in the outskirts of Al-Qamishli city on the border with Turkey, accompanied by opening fire of heavy machineguns by the Turkish forces on the area, which caused material damage, while 2 children were injured due to the fall of the shells, followed by opening fire by the SDF on the Turkish side, but no information was reported about causing casualties.


And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published yesterday that clashes with light and medium weapons took place between fighters of the SDF against the Turkish forces, on the Syrian – Turkish border in Ras al-Ayn (Sere Kaniye), and this is the first clash against the both parties in the area since the start of the Turkish escalation on Afrin area, which sometimes expanded to include targeting areas in the western countryside of the city of Ayn Al-Arab (Kobani), and areas in the far north-east of Al-Hasakah, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also learned that the Turkish forces targeted Al-Zuhairiyah area and other areas in Kharab Rashq in the Syrian – Turkish – Iraqi border triangle, which caused material damage, followed by targeting by the SDF to positions of the Turkish forces in the other side of the border, and the past few days witnessed targeting by the Turkish forces to border areas in the countryside of Ayn Al-Arab (Kobani) and the countryside of Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik) as well as other areas in the Syrian – Turkish – Iraqi border triangle.