The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

An explosion hits the northern countryside of Idlib target a car belongs to Tahrir al-Sham and the regime forces target Daraa city

Daraa province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: The regime forces opened fire of their heavy machine guns at areas of Daraa al-Balad in Daraa city, causing material damage, and no information about casualties.

Idlib province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: An IED targeted a car belong on the road between Bab Al-Hawa and Sarmada, causing material damage, and no information about casualties, where the explosion targeted a car belongs to Hayaat Tahrir Al-Sham.

Rif Dimashq province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: areas in the outskirts of Harasta city were shelled by the regime forces, causing material damage, while the regime forces shelled outskirts of Ein Tarman town, and there is no information about injuries.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published hours ago that the regime forces shelled areas in Douma, the stronghold of Jaysh Al-Islam in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus which killed 2 citizens and injured 7 others at least with varying severity, and the number of casualties may increase because of the presence of serious injuries, which rose the death toll to 244 citizens including 57 children and 40 citizen women, the number of people who were killed since the 29th of December 2017 as a result of targeting the Eastern Ghouta by hundreds of raids and hundreds of artillery and rocket strikes, and the casualties are 131 citizens including 41 children, 31 citizen women and a male nurse, they were killed in raids by the warplanes on areas in Harasta city controlled by the Islamic movement of Ahrar Al-Sham and raids on Madyara town as well as the cities of Saqba, Hamuriya, Douma and Arbin, and 93 citizens including 16 children and 9 citizen women and 2 male nurses were killed by artillery and rocket shelling targeted areas in Beit Sawa town, the cities of Harasta, Hamuriya, Douma and Arbin as well as the towns of Kafr Batna, Mesraba, Al-Nashabiyah, Otaya and Mesraba.