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The ongoing Turkish operation in Afrin area aims to advance along with the shelling of their warplanes on the area

Afrin area, which is located in the northwestern countryside of Alepo, and controlled by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, witnesses ongoing shelling, where the SOHR monitored artillery shelling by the Turkish forces and missiles shelling targeted villages and positions of them near the Syrian Turkish borders and in Afrin area, causing damage to the properties of the citizens. The artillery and aerial shelling caused the death of 30 citizens, including 8 children and 4 women, the death toll of those killed by aerial, artillery and missiles shelling by Turkery on areas in Afrin, located in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, while the violent clashes are still taking place between the Kurdish forces and the Self-Defense Forces on one side and the Turkish forces and the rebel factions operating within “Olive Branch” Operation on the other side, in areas in the western and northern countryside of Afrin, where the clashes are concentered in areas in Qastal Jandu area, northeast  Afrin, and other areas in the districts of Bolbola, Raju, Jundaira, Sheikh Hadeed, and Hamam road in the northwest of Afrin.

These ongoing clashes are accompanied by an exchange of shelling by both parties of the Kurdish forces on one side and the Turkish forces and the rebel factions on the other side, while the Turkish fighter jets are still flying in the area, and targeting from time to another the clash area, and there is information about human losses in the ranks of both sides.

The SOHR published that it has increased to 42 at least, the number of the fighters of the YPG and the Civil Defense who were killed in these clashes and the Turkish airstrikes and the rocket and artillery shelling, while the death toll has increased to 48 at least, the number of fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions operating within the “Olive Branch” Operation who were killed in addition to 2 soldiers of the Turkish forces, while these clashes resulted in the fall of a large number of wounded in the ranks of the both parties, as well as the presence of captives.

A video of the SOHR shows the destruction caused by shelling targeting Jundaiyras area in the western countryside of Afrin, which resulted in the deaths of 4 children and women citizens, and left others injured, some of them are in serious conditions, and this is within the ongoing Turkish operation named “Olive Branch” in participation with the rebel and Islamic factions in Afrin area.

جنديرس في الريف الغربي لعفرين

شريط مصور يرصد الدمار الناجم عن القصف الذي استهدف ناحية جنديرس في الريف الغربي لعفرين، والذي تسبب باستشهاد 4 أطفال ومواطنات وأوقع عدداً آخر من الجرحى، لا تزال إصابات بعضهم خطرة، ضمن العملية التركية المستمرة تحت مسمى "غصن الزيتون" التي تقودها القوات التركية بمشاركة الفصائل المقاتلة والإسلامية في منطقة عفرين

Posted by ‎المرصد السوري‎ on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A video of the SOHR shows a citizen in Za’ra town located on the border line of Afrin and Turkey, in which he speaks about the presence of the locals in their houses in the villages. He said: “we don’t attack Turkey, this is our lands and out honor, and we will not leave our lands, and we support the Kurdish YPG, and Turkey has to protect its own lands and doesn’t attacks us under claims of protecting its security”.

شهادة مواطن في قرية زعرة الحدودية

شريط مصور للمرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان يظهر شهادة مواطن في قرية زعرة الحدودية، والواقعة على الشريط الحدودي لشمال عفرين مع تركيا، يتحدث فيها عن وجوده مع الأهالي في منازلهم ضمن القرية، وأردف المواطن قائلاً:: ""نحن لم نهاجم تركيا، وهذه هي أرضنا وعرضنا، ولن نغادرها، ونحن نقف مع مقاتلي وحدات حماية الشعب الكردي، وعلى تركيا أن تحمي أراضيها فقط لا أن تهاجمنا بذريعة حماية أمنها""

Posted by ‎المرصد السوري‎ on Wednesday, January 24, 2018