The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In conjunction with the renewed artillery shelling on Afrin, continuous clashes between the forces of “Olive Branch” Operation and Kurdish Forces in its western countryside

The clashes continue violently between the rebel and Islamic factions and the Turkish Forces against YPG and the Self-Defense forces, in areas in the western countryside of Afrin city in the northwestern sector of Aleppo, where the clashes are concentrated in areas in villages and hills in Raju area west of Afrin area near the Syrian-Turkish border, amid shelling by the Turkish Forces on al-Anquz village, and the villages of Baflun, Qatma and other areas in the Townships of Raju and Jendires and other places in Afrin area, which caused more casualties, while the ancient areas of Ein Dara were shelled by the Turkish Forces, which caused material damage to the area located south of Afrin city, but no information about casualties.

The Syrian Observatory published during the past few hours that clashes are accompanied by heavy artillery and aerial shelling on areas controlled by the Kurdish forces in the western and southern  countryside of Afrin, where the Turkish forces shelled areas in Rajo district and the northern countryside of Afrin, in conjunction with airstrikes that targeted Kafri Kar area by two helicopters, amid an accusations against the Turkish forces of using napalm in positions of the Kurdish forces, and there is information about causalities, due to an exchange of shelling and targeting, in which a military vehicle of the “Olive Branch” Operation Forces was damaged by the Kurdish forces.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published that it monitored the participation of the Turkish helicopters in the combat operations targeting the clash areas, in conjunction with intensive artillery and rocket shelling which targeted areas in Raju Township and other places in the north and the west of Afrin, in conjunction with the ongoing fighting in several areas on the border line between Afrin and Turkey, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published few hours ago, that it has documented that the number of the fighters who were killed has increased to 59 fighters of the YPG and the Self-Defense forces, while it has increased to 69 at least, the number of the fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions operating within the “Olive Branch” Operation, including 7 soldiers of the Turkish forces who have been killed in the clashes since the 20th of January 2018, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information about the presence of more casualties in the ranks of the both parties, which may raise the death toll, while the factions captured today a fighter of the YPG in the clashes which took places in Raju Township.