The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

42 casualties of the Kurds, Arabs and Armenians about half of them are children and women killed by the Turkish shelling on Afrin during 9 days of the “Olive Branch” Operation

144 fighters and soldiers of the factions, the Turkish forces, and the Kurdish forces were killed during 8 days of the shelling and clashes in Afrin area

The violent clashes between the YPG and the Self-Defense forces against the Turkish forces and the rebel and Islamic factions, are continuing side by side with the continuation of the rocket and artillery shelling as well as renewing the Turkish airstrikes on places in Afrin area, and with the continuation of increasing the death toll due to the death of more citizens and fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented that the number of the civilian casualties has increased to 42 Syrian citizens of the Kurds, Arabs and Armenians including 12 children and 7 citizen women, who has been killed since the 20th of January 2018, until today morning the 28th of January 2018, in aerial, artillery and rocket shelling on Afrin city, the villages of Kaljiba and Maryamin, Maabatli town, and other villages and areas in the northern and the western countryside of Afrin, in which two bodies were extracted while 3 others of them died affected by the injury they had, while the number of casualties may increase because of the presence of serious injuries.

The increased number of the civilian casualties was accompanied by increasing the number of casualties in the ranks of the conflicted parties, which are the YPG on one hand, and the forces of the “Olive Branch” Operation on the other, who have been killed since the 20th of January 2018, until after the midnight of Saturday – Sunday, where it has increased to 66, the number of the fighters of the YPG and the Self-Defense forces who were killed in the clashes and the aerial and artillery shelling, including a female fighter was killed during carrying out an attack by grenades and heavy machineguns on a heavy vehicle of the Turkish army and its allies in Hamam village, while it has increased to 78 at least, the number of the members of the “Olive Branch” Operation who were killed during the same period in the clashes, the exchange of shelling and detonating vehicles, including 9 soldiers of the Turkish forces, where the YPG still have 4 bodies of them, and the clashes between them resulted in the fall of tens of injuries, captives and missing people in the ranks of the both parties.