The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

On the blood of the people of Idlib and Afrin, Sochi Conference holds its first meeting and a leader in the Free Army proves the relation of the conference with Operation “Olive Branch” and the escalation on Idlib

About 60 children and citizen women of 145 Syrian citizens were killed by the Turkish, Russian bombardment and regime’s shelling on Idlib and Afrin during 10 days

The Syrian bleeding continues by the conferees and the conspirators, as Idlib is continuing to bleed, in the frame of preparing for and holding Sochi Conference, in conjunction with the ongoing bloodshed in Afrin, where the participating parties are holding the prepared conference on the bodies and blood of the civilian casualties, in which the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented during the latest 10 days since the 20th of January 2018 until today the 30th of January 2018; the death of 67 Syrian citizens of the Kurds, Arabs and Armenians including 20 children and 12 citizen women, who used to live in Afrin area or have been displaced to it in the past years, due to the bombardment by the Turkish warplanes and the shelling by the Turkish forces by shells and missiles, while tens others were injured, and the number of casualties may increase because of the presence of serious injuries.

This killing in Afrin as a result of the Turkish targeting which started intensively with the announcement of launching the “Olive Branch” Operation on the 20th of January 2018, was coincided with the continuation of killing citizens in Idlib province which is next to Afrin by Russia, which organizes Sochi Conference with its ally Bashar al-Assad, where the enemies have become allies agreed on killing the Syrian people with all their components, as well as chasing and killing the displaced people, now, the Syrian people are fleeing from one slaughter’s guillotine to another, and bombardment and shelling of Al-Assad’s regime by his warplanes and helicopters as well as the Russian aircraft, have claimed the lives of 78 Syrian citizens including 11 children and 6 citizen women, in the villages, towns and cities of Idlib countryside, while the warplanes have carried out hundreds of airstrikes targeting the province and focusing the shelling on the southern and eastern sections of the province.

Sochi Conference was held today, and it included new disputes with its start, where the disputes were political as there was no dispute between the parties that prepared for and attended the conference about the killing of the Syrian people, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a voice recording attributed to the Brigadier General Ahmed Berri, the former chief of staff of the Free Army, in which he proved the close relation between regime’s operation in Idlib and the Turkish military operation in Afrin, where Berri talked about his participation in Sochi Conference despite his rejection to the conference, and he justified his participation by saying that “he faced a very embarrassing situation”, and he summarized the situation saying “our Turkish brothers need us all to stand with them in these difficult circumstances after the start of Afrin Battle, where Turkey has been standing with us for 7 years has been providing us with weapons, ammunition, medical treatment and food, as well as hosting the Syrian refugees, where more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees are living in Turkey, and Turkey was not ungenerous towards the Syrian people, so do we become ungenerous in standing up with it when it needed us?!!”, he also added ” to those who do not know that any bad the situation may be happening between Russia and Turkey, may warns to stop the battle of Afrin, so, will we ignore Turkey and turn our back to it when it needs us?! And is accepted religiously, morally, logically, loyally or even politically logical to refuse the participation in Sochi?!”