About 225 martyrs and injured including 100 children and women were killed in Idlib in 6 consecutive weeks of heavy shelling of warplanes and helicopters and the regime forces • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 225 martyrs and injured including 100 children and women were killed in Idlib in 6 consecutive weeks of heavy shelling of warplanes and helicopters and the regime forces

Idlib province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: the death toll of civilian martyrs continues to rise as a result of the ongoing killings and death of more civilians, where more dead bodies are recovered from the ruins of destruction caused by heavy aerial shelling on Idlib province. The SOHR monitored increasing death toll of those who were killed in the past 24 hours to 16 martyrs. The martyrs are 9 citizens including 4 children and women, who were killed in raids by warplanes targeting areas in the town of Kafrnobol, and 2 women who were killed in shelling of missiles, believed to be ground-to-ground on areas in the city of Ma’rat Al-Noaman, and 2 children were killed in shelling of warplanes on the town of Ma’sara in the countryside of Ma’rat Al-Noamaan, and a man and his wife and their child were killed in shelling of warplane son areas in the city of Idlib, and the death toll is still expected to increase due to the presence of tens of people injured and missing, where some of the injured are still in serious conditions, and fate of those missing remains unknown.

As the death toll increase, the renewed shelling of warplanes targeted areas in Tel Mardikh near Saraqib, while warplanes targeted a hospital area in Sarja village, causing material damage in the area of shelling, the aerial shelling targeted a school in Hesh town, and no information about casualties, in conjunction with helicopters and warplanes flying in the sky of Idlib. After the villages, towns and areas of the province were targeted today morning, where warplanes and helicopters carried out a new series of strikes today morning Monday on Idlib countryside, where the warplanes targeted places in Khan Shaykhun city and the outskirts of Maarrat Al-Nu’man city as well as the area of a hospital in Kafr Nubl town which resulted in gross damage to the buildings of the hospital and equipment as well as breaking out of fire in several rooms in it, which led it to be out of service, and the warplanes targeted areas in Ras Al-Ayn village as well as the villages and towns of Hish, Habit, and Kafr Sajna in the southern section of Idlib countryside, while the helicopters targeted Saraqeb town by explosive barrels, and the warplanes renewed their strikes after the midnight of Sunday – Monday, on places in Saraqeb town, its vicinity and its outskirts.

Thus, the death toll is raising to 223 citizens including 65 children and 41 citizen women, the number of the citizens whose death has been documented by the Syrian Observatory in the bombardment by the warplanes and helicopters, and by the shelling by the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them on areas in Idlib countryside, since the 25th of December until today the 5th of February 2018, while tens of others were injured with permanent disabilities and sever injuries, which may increase the death toll, and the shelling also caused destruction of hundreds of houses and shops and properties. The SOHR published that heavy aerial shelling by the Russian warplanes and the Syrian regime’s warplanes and the artillery shelling forced thousands of families to flee the town of Saraqeb, its vicinity and outskirts, where the Syrian Observatory monitored families displacing in the past days towards the border areas with Iskenderun and other areas in Jebel Al-Zawiya, while there are families still inside Saraqeb, as they didn’t manage to flee, amid violent shelling of warplanes targeting the area by tens of daily airstrikes.