The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The death of about 15 citizens in the renewed shelling and the massacres in Idlib city and its countryside raises the number of casualties to about 240 persons during about 45 days of intensive shelling on the province

Idlib Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the warplanes renewed their bombardment on Idlib countryside today morning, where they targeted places in the towns and the villages of Tramla, Ghadqa, Hazarin and Barqah, in the southern countryside of Idlib, by several raids, which resulted in a massacre in Tramla, leaving 5 casualties until now, including a child and 2 citizen women, and the number of casualties may increase because of the presence of serious injuries, and warplanes targeted after the midnight of Monday – Tuesday, areas in Afs village in the countryside of Saraqeb town in east of Idlib, which resulted in the death of a child and the fall of injuries.

In the same context, the death toll is increasing due to the airstrikes which targeted Idlib city two days ago on the 4th of February 2018, as a result of extracting stuck and missing people under the rubble, where it has increased to 11 persons including 3 citizens women and a man, his wife and 5 of their children, the number of casualties who have been killed in the massacre carried out by warplanes by targeting Idlib city last Sunday, which resulted in the destruction of a whole building over its residents, and the Rescue Teams are continuing to extract the stuck and missing people under the rubble until now, which may raise the death toll, amid information about the presence of 3 other families are still under the rubble of the destruction amid ambiguity surrounds their fate.

And with the increased number of casualties as a result of the continuous aerial and rocket shelling on Idlib province, it has increased to 237 citizens including 71 children and 46 citizen women, the number of the citizens whose death has been documented by the Syrian Observatory in the bombardment by the warplanes and helicopters, and by the shelling by the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them on areas in Idlib countryside, since the 25th of December until today the 6th of February 2018, while tens of others were injured with permanent disabilities and sever injuries, which may increase the death toll, and the shelling also caused destruction of hundreds of houses and shops and properties.