The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A massacre in Douma city claims the lives of 6 citizens in the first raids of warplanes after a lapse of about 4 days in the sky of the Easter Ghouta

Rif Dimashq province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: The death of civilians in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus is still ongoing as more citizens are dying affected by injuries they had, where it increased to 6 including 2 children and 2 women, the number of martyrs documented by the SOHR who were killed in a massacre carried out by warplanes targeting the city of Douma, the stronghold of Jaysh Al-Islam in the Eastern Ghouta. The regime forces fired at least two shells at areas in the city of Douma, while the SOHR monitored the return of calm to the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, after aerial bombardment and artillery shelling that targeted the city during Thursday morning. The warplanes carried out 5 raids on the town of al-Shifonia and Arbin city, in conjunction with artillery and missile shelling that targeted areas in the town of Al-Nashabiya and Otaya town and other places in Harasta and Arbin, causing injuries in Al-Nashabiya.

And with the death of more citizens it increases to 30, including 8 children and 4 women, the number of martyrs who have been documented by the Syrian Observatory since the warplanes returned in the afternoon of the 10th of February 2018, to the Eastern Ghouta and the start of shelling by the regime forces on areas in it, after clam lasted for about 24 hours preceded the return of the shelling, while about 107 persons have been injured in the same period, while the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus witnessed a series of successive bombardment and massacres during 5 bloody days which left more than 250 civilian casualties and about 775 wounded including tens of children and women, this decreased pace of killing and shelling as well as the stop of the warplanes’ flight, comes after 5 bloody days, in which the Eastern Ghouta witnessed the highest death toll during 5 days since late 2014.