The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In the highest death toll during 36 hours since 2015…the hysterical aerial and ground attack kills and injures more than 720 citizens in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus

The tragic medical reality and the intensity of the aerial and ground shelling prevent the rescue of wounded and serious injuries

Rif Dimashq Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: 36 consecutive hours of killing, bloodshed, destruction, as if the bodies of the citizens in Aleppo, Idlib, Hama and Deir Ezzor, did not satisfy the hunger of those who are coming to shed the blood of the people of the besieged Ghouta, under the command of the Brigadier in the regime forces Suhail Al-Hassan, and without alerting or warning the citizens, the officers known as the “tiger” issued his orders, so that the Eastern Ghouta has witnessed the fiercest attack and the largest massacres during this short period since 2015, leaving hundreds of casualties and wounded, which flooded the graves with more bodies and filled the medical points and hospitals with wounded and injuries, amid tragic medical reality, where the doctors and medical stuffs are not able to rescue the serious injuries, and the heavy shelling prevent the immediate transport of the wounded to receive treatment, leaving them bleeding until they are saved or die.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored the details of the Eastern Ghouta during 36 consecutive hours since the shelling started on Sunday evening the 18th of February 2018, until today morning the 20th of February 2018, documenting the death of 123 Syrian citizens including 27 children and 19 citizen women, who were killed by the bombardment by warplanes and helicopters, and by the artillery and rocket shelling by the regime forces, which carried out a hysterical and fierce attack targeting the cities and towns of the besieged Ghouta, where the shelling by hundreds of explosive barrels, raids, missiles believed to be ground-to-ground, artillery, mortar and tanks shells and rocket launchers, targeted the cities and the towns of Douma, Al-Nashabiyah, Al-Shiffuniyya, Aftris, Kafr Batna, Jisrayn, Hamouriyyah, Saqba, Otaya, Mesraba, Beit Sawa, Hazza, Muhammedia, Ashari, Zamalka and other areas in the Eastern Ghouta.

It was not enough for this hysterical shelling to kill all of these citizens during 36 consecutive hours, but it also injured more than 610 other citizens, tens of them have seriously wounded including injured cases still in serious conditions, which may raise the death toll, in addition to information about the presence of dead bodies under the rubble of destruction caused by the aerial and artillery shelling on the besieged Eastern Ghouta, while the intensive shelling resulted in massive destruction to the property of the citizens and the infrastructure, amid worsening the tragic humanitarian situation in it, and the deterioration of the health, medical and alimentary reality to be worse than before, as a result of replacing the lifting of the siege by clamping it down, and replacing the sending of aid by sending missiles, bombs and shells into the hungry Ghouta, and replacing the sending of the wounded, injuries and patients to receive treatment, by sending them to the graves to be buried or to the hospital to receive the available treatment, which is lack and which with the shortage of medicines turns the wounded who has seriously injured into a martyr, as a result of the inability to treat such cases or the lack of specialties and lack of medication.