The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The number of people killed by the regime and its allies within 48 hours in the besieged Ghouta exceeds the death toll of the civilian casualties in a whole month of shelling escalation

231 civilian casualties and more than 1100 wounded during 48 hours of shelling by about 2400 air and ground strikes, compared to 209 casualties and hundreds of injuries by shelling in a month by more than 2000 similar strikes

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the killing continues in the Eastern Ghouta as a result of the continuous shelling by the regime, it forces, its warplanes, helicopters, artillery and missile launchers, with participation of Russian warplanes in the killing of civilians trapped in the Eastern Ghouta, where it rose to 231 including 57 children and 31 woman, the number of civilian people who were killed and documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in about 48 hours of intense and insane shelling and bombardment in the Eastern Ghouta; by hundreds of barrel bombs, missiles, raids, shells, missiles and artillery shell, and the casualties are 17 citizens including 5 children and 3 citizen women were killed on the evening of Sunday, in aerial, missile and artillery bombardments on Saqba, Mesraba, Otaya and Ashari area, 127 citizens including 34 children and 23 women were killed yesterday Monday, in the aerial and ground bombardment on Hamuriya, Beit Sawa and Saqba, Douma , Mesraba, Otaya, Nashabiyah, Zamalka, Aftries, KafrBatna, Al-Shifonyyah and Jesrin, and 87 citizens including 18 children and 5 women were killed today, in the shelling on the areas of Nashabiyah, Otaya, Arbin, Zamalka Mesraba, Hamuriya, and Ash’ari, also the shelling has injured more than 1100 civilians, including tens of children and women, some of whom are still in serious situations, and others have had permanent disabilities.

This horrific death toll of human losses within 48 hours came as a result of the heavy and intense bombardment by regime’s warplanes and helicopters, the Russian planes and the shelling by the artillery shells and missiles, the where the regime forces targeted the besieged Eastern Ghouta by about 2400 raids, missiles, barrel bombs and shells, where the warplanes carried out about 340 air raids, and regime’s helicopters dropped more than 90 barrel bombs, while the regime forces launched more than 1230 missiles and 725 artillery shells on the Eastern Ghouta.

The death toll of 48 hours of murder in the Eastern Ghouta, surpasses the death toll of a whole month of shelling, both in terms of the numbers of shells, raids and missiles, and in terms of human losses, where on the 14th of November 2017 –the date of the start of shelling escalation in the Eastern Ghouta–  until the 14th of December of the same year; the death toll reached 209 civilian casualties, including 49 children under 18 years of age and 23 woman over the age of eighteen, in addition to 4 members of the Civil Defense, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 129 civilians including 24 children and 15 women, as a result of raids carried out by the warplanes, also the Observatory documented the death of 80 citizens including 25 children and 8 women as a result of shelling by artillery, mortar and tank shells, and missiles believed to be ground-to-ground, all of them targeted cities and towns of KafrBatna, Zamalka, Ein Tarma, Douma , Arbin, Harasta, Jesrin Saqba, Beit Sawa, al-Nashabiyah, Beit Nayem, and other areas in the Eastern Ghouta, also the shelling in an entire month has injured hundreds of people.

While during that month; the targeting was carried out by more than 2000 shells, missiles and raids, where the regime forces launched more than 1086 rocket and artillery shells and missiles believed to be ground-to-ground since the 14th of November 2017, also the Syrian Observatory has documented 237 raids at least targeted Harasta city and Madyara town, also the Syrian Observatory documented 191 raids at least targeted the cities of Douma, Arbin, Zamalka, Hamuriya, Mesraba and Madyara and other areas in the Eastern Ghouta in the same period, while it rose to 494 at least, the number of shells and missiles believed to be ground-to-ground which were launched by the regime forces on the Eastern Ghouta.