The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With the participation of Russian warplanes, the shelling escalates on the Eastern Ghouta and the numbers of martyrs and injured people rises to reach more than 1200 martyrs and injured within less than 48 hours

Rif Dimashq province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights::The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored 5 warplanes believed to be Russian and 2 helicopters flying in the sky of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, where these warplanes targeted consecutively areas in the Eastern Ghouta, while the helicopters dropped barrel bombs at areas in Kafrbatna town, in conjunction with airstrikes that targeted areas in Ein Tarma town, while areas in Saqba city were targeted, in conjunction with aerial shelling on Erbin city, amid artillery and aerial shelling on areas in Douma city. The regime forces also fired at least 103 shells at areas in Ein Tarma town, and the new airstrikes and artillery shelling resulted in the death of 17 citizens including 2 children and the injury of more than 165 others with different severity, and the death toll is still expected to increase due to the presence of tens of injured people in serious conditions, and intersected sources told the SOHR that the Russian warplanes participated in the aerial shelling on the Eastern Ghouta more than 3 month after the latest Russian bombardment on the Eastern Ghouta.

The increasing death toll has raised the death toll in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus in about 48 hours to 210 persons at least including more than 54 children and 29 citizen women, the number of people who have been killed and documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in about 48 hours of the insane and intensive shelling which targeted the Eastern Ghouta by hundreds of explosive barrels, raids, missiles, and artillery and rocket shells, and the casualties are: 17 citizens including 5 children and 3 citizen women were killed on Sunday, in the aerial, rocket and artillery shelling on Saqba, Mesraba, Otaya and Ashari area, 127 citizens including 34 children and 23 citizen women were killed on Monday, in the aerial and ground shelling on Hamouriyyah, Beit Sawa, Saqba, Douma, Hazza, Mesraba, Otaya, Al-Nashabiyah, Zamalka, Aftris, Kafr Batna, Al-Shiffuniyya and Jisrayn, and 66 citizens including 15 children and 3 citizen women were killed today, in the shelling on the areas of Otaya and Al-Nashabiyah as well as the cities of Arbin, Zamalka and Mesraba, and the shelling resulted in the injury of more than 1000 citizens with varying severity, some of them are still in serious conditions, while others have permanent disabilities.