The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In the highest death toll since the chemical-massacre in Ghouta, 250 civilians were killed by the hysterical attack of the regime and its allies on the besieged Ghouta in 48 consecutive hours

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights continues to document the death of more civilians, where it rises every hour more and more in a terrifying increase, due to the constant shelling by the regime forces, its helicopters warplanes and its Russian ally’s warplanes, recording the highest death toll within 48 hours since the massacre in the Eastern Ghouta which was carried out using chemical weapons in August 2013, where it rose to 250 including 58 children and 42 woman, the number of civilian people who were killed and documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in about 48 hours of intense and insane shelling and bombardment in the Eastern Ghouta; by hundreds of barrel bombs, missiles, raids, shells, missiles and artillery shell, and the casualties are 17 citizens including 5 children and 3 citizen women were killed on the evening of Sunday, in aerial, missile and artillery bombardments on Saqba, Mesraba, Otaya and Ashari area, 127 citizens including 34 children and 23 women were killed yesterday Monday, in the aerial and ground bombardment on Hamuriya, Beit Sawa and Saqba, Douma , Mesraba, Otaya, Nashabiyah, Zamalka, Aftries, KafrBatna, Al-Shifonyyah and Jesrin, and 106 citizens including 19 children and 16 women were killed today in the shelling on the areas of Nashabiyah, Otaya, Arbin, Zamalka Mesraba, Hamuriya, and Ash’ari, also the shelling has injured more than 1200 civilians, including tens of children and women, some of whom are still in serious situations, and others have had permanent disabilities.

Warplanes also bombed areas in the cities of Douma, Hamuriya and Saqba, in conjunction with launching more than 96 missiles targeting areas in Hamriya and Saqba which injured more people.

This death toll of human losses is similar to that of the five bloody days in the Eastern Ghouta, on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of February 2018, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented back then the death of 250 persons at least including 104 children and citizen women, on Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday, and in a descending order of the numbers of civilian casualties in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus according to the number of casualties in cities and towns, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ documented casualties: in Arbin city 61 citizens were killed including 16 children and 8 citizen women, then Douma city with the death of 59 citizens including 14 children and 12 citizen women, in addition to the death of  7 other citizens including 2 citizen woman, they were killed in the artillery shelling by the regime forces on the Douma city, followed by Hamuriya city with 26 citizens including 8 children and 2 citizen women, followed by Beit Sawa town with 21 casualties including 6 children and 2 citizen women, then Jesrin town with 17 casualties including 3 children and 6 citizen women were killed in a massacre in the town, then Hazza town with 15 citizens including 5 children and a citizen woman, followed by Zamalka city with 12 casualties including a child and 3 citizen women, followed by Mesraba town with 11 casualties including 3 children and 4 citizen women, then Kafr Batna with 7 citizens including a child, then Saqba with 7 casualties including 2 children and 2 citizen women, then Madyara with 4 citizens including a child and a citizen woman, and finally Harasta city with 3 citizens including a child, while about 775 citizens were injured with varying severity including tens of children and citizen women.