The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The shells on the capital Damascus and its suburbs cause more casualties and increasing the number of killed and injured people to more than 75

The number of casualties continues to rise in the capital Damascus, as a result of the death of more citizens affected by their wounds, and due to the fall of more shells on areas in the capital and its suburbs, where the death toll rose to 16 at least, they are 11 people including 3 children and a woman were killed after targeting the areas of Shaalan, Baramkeh, Jesr al-Ra’eis, al-Omawiyyin Square, Al-Qassa’a, Tahrir Square, Baghdad Street, Aleppo Street, King Faisal Street, al-Zablatani, al-Abbasiyyin, Bab Tuma and Esh al-Warwar in the center of Damascus and its outskirts, and 5 citizens including a child, a woman and two children brothers were killed in the fall of shells on areas in Jaramana Suburb, also the shells targeted areas in Alassad Suburb, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are about 60 injured people, and some of them are in critical situation.

Thus, it has increased to 112 persons at least including 17 children and 14 citizen women, who were killed as a result of the fall of these shells since the beginning of escalation on the capital Damascus and its suburbs on the 16th of November, and the SOHR documented the injury of more than 563 persons who were injured in these daily targeting during 3 consecutive months, including tens of children and citizen women, some of whom have seriously injured and have permanent disability, and the SOHR also monitored the continuation of the poor health condition of some of the injured people, which may raise the death toll.