The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 20 people were killed and injured and others went missing under the rubble of destruction in airstrikes on Idlib city within the renewed aerial shelling on the province

About 85 martyrs and injured in 4 consecutive days of aerial shelling on Idlib province

Idlib province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: explosions rocked the city of Idlib that turned to be caused by airstrikes by warplanes, whether they belong to Russia or the regime is not known, targeting Al-Qusour area in the city, causing material damage, and the SOHR learned that the shelling left 3 citizens killed including a child and 15 others injured with different severity, while citizens of at least 3 families are still under the rubble caused by the destruction of building due to the shelling, as the rescue teams are still working to rescue the trapped people under the rubble. The warplanes also shelled areas in the vicinity f al-Zainyah town in the western countryside of Jisr Al-Shoghour, and no information about injuries, and the city of Idlib and the northern western and southern countryside of Idlib have been being shelled by the warplanes on the fourth day on a row, resulting in the martyrdom and injury of tens of people.

Raising to at least 26, the number of martyrs who were killed in 4 consecutive days of renewed aerial shelling on the countryside of Idlib, including 6 children and 7 women, who were killed in the cities, villages and towns of Kafrsajna, Madayah, Bench, Teftaz, and Idlib city, and Hajem Mahmoud farms in the southern, western and eastern countryside of Idlib. The airstrikes also caused the injury of more than 58 citizens with different severity, while others went missing, in addition to the material damage to the properties of citizens.