The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In the highest death toll in 5 years…43 persons killed in the massacre of Kashkool at the outskirts of the capital

The number of casualties is continuing to increase as a result of the massacre took place yesterday in Kashkool area located between al-Dwel’aa and Jaramana in the outskirts of the capital Damascus, after being targeted by shells, where it has increased to 43, the number of casualties who were documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, they are: 32 civilians including 8 children and women, in addition to 11 members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, of who were killed as a result of the fall of shells on Kashkool area, in the highest death toll in 5 years, while the number of casualties may increase because of the presence of more than 35 injuries, some of them have seriously wounded.

Rising to 187 at least including 25 children and 25 women, the number of those who were killed as result of fall of shells since the beginning of escalation on the capital Damascus and its suburbs on the 16th of November, and the SOHR documented more than 824 persons who were injured in the daily targeting in more than 4 consecutive months, including tens of children and women, and some of them are in serious conditions and suffer permanent disabilities, and the SOHR monitored the ongoing bad medical conditions of some injured, which may increase the death toll.