المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The final batch departs from Harasta to the Syrian north, the first agreement in Ghouta ends and the regime controls over 90% of the Eastern Ghouta

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the second and final batch of buses have departed from the outskirts of Harasta city towards the Syrian north, where these tens of buses and several ambulances include about 3000 persons aboard, they are hundreds of fighters and hundreds of civilians of their families and of those who reject the agreement of Ahrar al-Sham with the regime, where the buses have departed after the complete of the second and final batch, which was scheduled for today the 23rd of March 2018, in a continuation of the agreement that took place with Ahrar al-Sham Movement which controls Harasta city.

This complete exit of the Islamic Movement of Ahrar Al-Sham from the Eastern Ghouta; following a military operation started by the regime forces and led by Russian officers and advisors and supported by Syrian and non-Syrian gunmen, on the 25th of February 2018, which ended by final negotiation with Ahrar Al-Sham movement, which ended by their exit on the 23rd of March from Harasta but it still controls Hazza and Ein Tarma, while that enabled the regime forces to expand their control to about 90.5% of the factions’ controlled areas in the Eastern Ghouta, and also Rahman Corps had reached an agreement with the regime forces on the immediate start of transfer of ill and injured people to the hospitals in the capital Damascus or Russian field hospitals -via the Red Crescent- with Russian guarantee that they would not be pursued by the regime, and they will be chosen between returning to Ghouta or moving to the Syrian north after the end their treatment, and the exit of fighters with their small arms and families and civilians who want to go the Syrian north, and the exit of fighters and civilians and with their belongings, devices, documents and money without being searched, and for those who choose to stay Russia will ensure that they are not pursued by the regime forces, also points for the Russian military police will be deployed within cities and towns of the Eastern Ghouta and Jobar neighborhood, while the starting point will be Arbin city and the reaching point will Qalaat al-Madiq, and the areas from which Rahman Corps will withdraw are Arbin, Zamalka and Ein Tarma.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published yesterday that it obtained information from a number of reliable sources, about the developments of the agreement which is being applied today the 22nd of March 2018, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; the agreement of Harasta city, which was dealt and took place in the office of the Brigadier Jamil Hassan, the chief of the air Force intelligence Directorate in Syria, who is known as a slaughterer of the regime’s detention centers in Syria, and the sources confirmed to the SOHR that the agreement took place under Russian supervision, and the parties of the negotiations were representatives of Ahrar Al-Sham Islamic movement and representatives the Iranians and the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the sources attributed the reason for the presence of the Iranians and Hezbollah, to the presence of captives of them at the prisons of Ahrar Al-Sham Islamic movement and the presence of captives of the latter at the prisons of the former, where Harasta Agreement that is being implemented today the 22nd of March 2018, was reached after long negotiations between the both parties.

High-resolution link for the advancement map of the regime forces supported by gunmen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities in the Eastern Ghouta, after military operations lasted for 27 consecutive days, in which the regime forces controlled about 90.5% of factions’ controlled areas in the Ghouta


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