The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ambiguity surrounds the assassination of two leaders in Douma one of whom is the deputy of Zahran Alloush the former commander of Jaysh Al-Islam

Ambiguity is still surrounding the circumstances of the death of to brother commanders in Jaysh Al-Islam, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the commanders Muhammed Al-Ajwa and Numan Al-Ajwa, one of whom is the general financial official of Jaysh Al-Islam, and the general administrator of Jaysh Al-Islam, where killed in Douma area, which is the last area controlled by Jaysh Al-Islam in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, where their bodies were found in the outskirts of Douma city, and this assassination which took place in the past few hours, is coincided with reaching a final agreement between Jaysh Al-Islam and the Russian side, where it was agreed to choose the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo as a destination for those who will come out from Douma of the fighters of Jaysh Al-Islam with their families and other citizens reject the agreement, on condition that the Russian military police will enter in the next few hours to reassure the people and prompted them not to leave the city, to the Syrian North, as Russia desires to stop the displacement of people and fighters to the Syrian North, while Jaysh Al-Islam refused to be transferred to the Eastern Qalamoun as it is considered a besieged area, and the regime also refused the transfer of Jaysh Al-Islam to the Eastern Qalamoun as it will be a front of the regime in the future, while the agreement is being held secretly by Jaysh Al-Islam on the developments of negotiations and the agreements, and the entry of the Russian military police will be followed by the start of releasing the kidnapped, prisoners and abductees by Jaysh Al-Islam, and the start of evacuating wounded and sick people to receive treatment, and the entry of the regime’s government departments to the area.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published 72 hours ago that an official working in Al-Rahman Corps was killed in Idlib province upon his arrival there, where his partner, who is a trader from the Eastern Ghouta, killed him. In the details obtained by the SOHR, a fight took place between financial official of Al-Rahman Corps, aka Abu Essam Aouka, against his partner in trade in the Eastern Ghouta, when the financial official of Al-Rahman Corps took the money of the Al-Rahman Corps safe with him to Idlib, after he left within the groups that were displaced within Jouber – Zamlka – Arbin agreement. An argument between the financial official and his partner, who used to work together in trade business in the Eastern Ghouta during the time of Al-Rahman Corps’ control over parts of the Eastern Ghouta, led to a fight on sharing the money, resulted in the death of Abu Essam Aouka who was shot dead by the gun of his partner at the outskirts of Idlib province.