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The General Sharia official in Jaysh al-Islam – al-Kaaka: we will withstand like Gaza

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a record, intersected sources confirmed that it is of Abu Abdel Rahman al-Kaaka – the General Sharia official in Jaysh al-Islam, and he is the commander of the extremist group that refused to leave Douma and also refuse to hand over their heavy weapons, and al-Kaaka talked about the current situations in the Eastern Ghouta saying that “we are facing a great ordeal, and the greatest of which is the souls disturbance inside Douma, and the threats of the Russians have not frighten Jaysh Al-Islam, but the thing that worried us is the souls disturbance, and the disclaims of their responsibilities, and the calls on Jaysh Al-Islam to adopt an attitude to exit, and most of whom organized demonstrations at the beginning of the revolution and were at the forefront of demonstrations, and they took up arms when we were in the regime’s prisons, and rejected the calls of dignitaries and religious scholars to maintain the revolution peaceful, but they refused accusing the sheikhs of religion of cowardice, and what is happening in Duma is a matter of a nation not just a game, and we are not favoring the option of fighting, but we will be ready for it, and al-Kaaka cited what happened in Gaza and Palestine and that they can withstand like it was happened there.

And al-Kaaka added ” we have a rightful cause, and the slogans of the revolution must be maintained, and al-Assad regime is the most corrupt regime in the world, and the people did not protest against it futilely, and it is the most infidel body, that humiliated and insulted people and overcame them, and there are tens of thousands of detainees from the Eastern Ghouta still in the regime’s detention centers, so if we accept the agreement, we will exit and leave all of these people, and we will give up widows and orphans if we accept the agreement, and we have an offer of the exit of 500 commanders of Jaysh Al-Islam with their families, to Hmeimim airbase and then to any country they want with diplomatic immunities, and the second option was the exit of Jaysh Al-Islam leaving the citizens live their lives, but this option is supposed to the exit of about 10 thousand fighters and from 40 thousand to 65 thousand persons of their families and supporters, and the exit will be to an unknown destination, where there are no houses or shelters, and they will be given alms of some vegetables and then the hosts will ask them for the price of every thing, and thousands of the young people of the remaining citizens will be taken to the compulsory military service to fight in several Syrian areas, and then the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party will enter and learn our children to be pioneers of the Ba’ath, and then Shiite will enter as they do in Darayya, and will learn our children and women “slapping and Nikah mut’ah”.

Al-Kaaka added that there is a kind of secularism in disregarding the order of Allah the Lord of the Worlds, and the fear of the international will they speak about, that it supposed the fall of the Eastern Ghouta, and after the military operation, Jaysh Al-Islam became stronger than it was before the operation, and it is a sign of Allah, for the Muslims sake, and miracles took place for the fighters on the battle field, the manufacture of the Islamic defense plants of ammunition, shells and loads, is a sign of Allah, and we will go to hell if we give up all that, and I warn you of weakness and it is the day of proof of the Lord of the Worlds, and al-Kaaka added “I debt to Allah not to leave the country, and I promise you that I will not go out neither me, my family, my children nor my wife, and this is a non-binding opinion, but I debt this to Allah”, and the media spoke about what happened on the day of the death of Zahran Alloush the commander of Jaysh Al-Islam, and it was astonished of the ability of Jaysh Al-Islam to tap a new commander after the death of Alloush, and Jaysh Al-Islam pledged allegiance to Abu Hammam Al-bwaidani, and if Jysh Al-Islam was not firmly connected, the leadership would not have been nominated so quickly, and the establishment of Jaysh Al-Islam based on Sharia, and he concluded by saying that the decision of Al-bwaidani is valid and we are willing to his order”.

And commenting on al-Kaaka speech, one of the mediators confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that no options had been offered for them to move out of Syria, but they had an offered to displace to the Syrian North, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information yesterday from a number of reliable sources, that a final agreement had been reached between Jaysh Al-Islam and the Russian side, and in the details obtained by the SOHR; it was agreed to choose the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo as a destination for those who will come out from Douma of the fighters of Jaysh Al-Islam with their families and other citizens reject the agreement, on condition that the Russian military police will enter in the next few hours to reassure the people and prompted them not to leave the city, to the Syrian North, as Russia desires to stop the displacement of people and fighters to the Syrian North, while Jaysh Al-Islam refused to be transferred to the Eastern Qalamoun as it is considered a besieged area, and the regime also refused the transfer of Jaysh Al-Islam to the Eastern Qalamoun as it will be a front of the regime in the future, while the agreement is being held secretly by Jaysh Al-Islam on the developments of negotiations and the agreements, and the entry of the Russian military police will be followed by the start of releasing the kidnapped, prisoners and abductees by Jaysh Al-Islam, and the start of evacuating wounded and sick people to receive treatment, and the entry of the regime’s government departments to the area, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also learned that a western party refused this agreement which allows the fighters to be transferred to the north-east of Aleppo, and requested guarantees to allow the fighters to be transferred to Jarabulus and Al-Bab, and these guarantees based on keeping the fighters aside the Turkish action and not to involve them in any operations expected to be carried out later in the Syrian North by Turkey, also a western party refused the transfer of the fighters of Jaysh Al-Islam to Daraa, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published today morning that the negotiations are still continuing between the both parties to reach a conclusion for the outstanding points that prevent reaching a final agreement, as there are many destinations put forward to depart towards them, while the rejection of the group of Abu Abd Al-Rahman Ka’aka the general legitimate official of Jaysh Al-Islam is continuing to the solutions put forward by the Russians, and the destination of more than 60000 fighters, their families and other civilians wishing to leave Douma; is one of the most outstanding points that still prevent reaching a final agreement.