New demonstrations took place near Turkish monitoring point calling for 'Turkish intervention" east of Idlib • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New demonstrations took place near Turkish monitoring point calling for ‘Turkish intervention” east of Idlib

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a new demonstration taking place near an area, where the Turkish forces are stationed in Al-Serman in the eastern countryside of Idlib, where the SOHR learned that the demonstrators called for “Turkish intervention to protect them from the regime forces and Hayaat Tahrir Al-Sham and expel them”. They also called for “putting pressure on the regime forces and the Russian forces to withdraw from the area to facilitate the return of the displaced people to their areas.

The SOHR published on the 2nd of April that it monitored demonstration of citizens in the eastern part of Idlib countryside, and in the details obtained by the SOHR that tens of citizens from the eastern part of Idlib countryside calling for Turkish pressure on Russia to withdraw from the eastern part of Idlib so the displaced could return to their towns and villages. The demonstration took place in front of a monitoring point of the Turkish army in Al-Serman area, where the demonstrators raised banners written on them “one blood and one people, the Syrian and the Turks are one people, we demand the government of the world to live in our lands away from Assad. The Olive’s country welcomes the olive branch. The areas of the eastern countryside to where .. their fates are unknown. Our lands are green farms, bring them back to us our Turkish brothers. Take us back to our homes under your guarantee our Turkish brothers. The regime takes away our rights, kidnap our young men and kill our children. The Syrian army kills us, and the Syrian blood protects us”.

This demonstrations comes in conjunction with the Turkish reconnaissance forces moving around under the protection of Al-Sham Corps, which set up checkpoints and tightened the security measures after Sunday – Monday midnight, where they moved around Al-Kahzanat area near Khan Shaykhon and the areas of Tel A’as and Al-Habit in the southern countryside of Hama, and then they moved around Al-Latmnah and Kafrzita and Mork in the northern countryside of Hama, and Sahl Al-Ghab northwest of Hama, while the convoy is still moving around the area checking on the condition there.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored demonstrations on Friday the 30th of March 2018 in the countryside of Idlib, where a demonstration took place in Maarrat Al-Nu’man city, another one took place in Saraqib town and shouted for the Ghouta and raised banners written on it “our people in Ghouta: we are the guests and you are the owners of the land, the Ghouta will remain the home of the freemen and the tomb of Bashar”, the demonstrators also raised Turkish flags calling for Turkish intervention in the entire Province of Idlib;  “Erdogan, are your points to count the crimes of the regime and Russia, the world has abandoned us so don’t you leave us, Turkey you are in the heart, our Turkish brothers millions of Syrians await you, Turks and Arabs are brothers so don’t leave your brothers, Arabs and Turks one history and a promising future”.