The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

YPG takes control on 80% of Kobane after taking control on the governmental square area


SOHR was informed that YPG have taken over the governmental square area in Kobane, in addition to al-Refia, al-Sena’a, al-Tharura and al-Banat schools after violent clashes against ISIS, Clashes continue west of Mashta Nour neighborhood south of the city, the YPG advanced in the area, what makes it control no less than 80% of the city area, the clashes led to death of 14 ISIS most of them were non-Syrian fighters, the YPG holds 6 corpses of them, no information about the losses in YPG. Coalition warplanes targeted the IS in the city with several air strikes.


80 بالمئة من كوباني





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