The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Death toll of Douma massacre rises to 40 as a result of the hysterical bombardment by regime and Russian warplanes on the city

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for human rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented more casualties in the massacre caused by the hysterically aerial and rocket bombardment on Douma city in the Eastern Ghouta, where it rose to 40 at least, including women as well as 8 children at least, the number of people who were killed as a result of the crazy air and ground bombed by hundreds of air and missile strikes, where the rise of death toll came as a result of the death of more citizens affected by their wounds, and as a result of the recovery of bodies from under the rubble, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, amid difficulty of pulling the missing and helping the injured people as a result of the continued air and land shelling on the city.

The Syrian Observatory published a little while ago that that this crazy aerial and ground shelling comes in conjunction with a land attack carried out by the regime forces supported by gunmen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities on Douma city from two areas, the southwest area and the eastern part of al-Rihan and Mesraba farms, where the violent clashes are taking place between them against fighters of Jaysh al-Islam in both areas, accompanied by intensive air and missile shelling, and confirmed information about casualties in the ranks of both parties.

The Syrian Observatory published today morning, Friday, the 6th of April 2018 that Douma city, the last area remaining out the regime’s control in the Eastern Ghouta, witnesses continuation of the suspension of transferring the displaced people from Douma to the Syrian North, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that this suspension is coincided with the continuation of the negotiations between the Russian side and Jaysh Al-Islam, in order to reach a new agreement leads to a “new settlement” about Douma, the Eastern Qalamoun, the southern Rif Dimashq and the south of Damascus, where sources confirmed to the SOHR that a paper of proposals was taken to the Kremlin by Jaysh Al-Islam, included several points most notably is the remaining of Jaysh Al-Islam in Douma with its arm, without Russian acceptance until now, where it is supposed that the Russians will express their acceptance or rejection to these proposals tomorrow, Saturday, and the sources confirmed to the SOHR that in the case of the Russian rejection and the breakdown of the negotiations between the both parties, it is expected that Douma will witness a military operation.