The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In an implementation of the last Douma agreement, the first batch of buses from within Douma city depart with people from Douma, abductees and prisoners who were in jails of Jaysh al-Islam

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the buses start to depart from Douma city, carrying on board hundreds of civilians abductees and captives of members of the regime and the gunmen loyal to them, who were in the jails of Jaysh al-Islam, and from the fighters of the last mentioned and their families, as part of implementing the final agreement between the Russians and the regime, and Jaysh al-Islam on Sunday, the 8th of April 2018, which restored the old agreement between both parties, where it is based on the release of persons kidnapped and captured by Jaysh al-Islam –numbering in thousands– as well as the leave of all those who reject the agreement to the Syrian north, where it is expected that the first batch which headed to the outskirts of the Eastern Ghouta to be 40 buses carrying onboard abductees, captives, displaced fighters and their families.

The rest of the convoy continues to be prepared, where tens of buses remain inside Douma and it is expected that in the coming hours the first batch of buses will exit from al-Wafddien crossing, where it is expected that the release of abductees and captured people, and, the exit of the first bus of displaced people simultaneously, where the preparations are underway in Douma city from boarding of citizens, preparing citizens who refuse the agreement with the fighters and their families towards their destination in the Syrian north, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published hours ago that after the military operations and shelling had stopped on Douma city which witnessed bloody massacres in the past two days, which left hundreds of casualties and wounded, and which were coincided with violent attack by the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities in places in the vicinity of Douma area, through which the regime forces managed to achieve advancement and take the control of about 50 farms  east of Douma from the side of Al-Rihan farms, where the clashes and intensive shelling on the battle fronts and the contact lines between the both parties, resulted in the fall of human losses in the ranks of the both parties, where the SOHR documented the death of 26 members at least of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, while 12 fighters at least of Jaysh Al-Islam were killed, in addition to the injury of tens of members in the ranks of the both parties with varying severity.