The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid resentment among their families, the regime ignores thousands of abductees from Adra Al-Omalia in return for speeding up the exit of Jaysh Al-Islam from Douma

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored resentment among the civilians and families of the abductees captured by Jaysh Al-Islam, who were abducted late 2013 during an attack by Jaysh Al-Islam and other factions including ISIS on Adra Al-Ommaliyyah area located east of the eastern Ghouta of Damascus and managed to capture about 9 thousand persons. Jaysh Al-Islam took about 3500 abductees of them. The abductees were taken to prisons of Jaysh Al-Islam in Douma, which is the main stronghold of Jaysh Al-Islam in Syrian. In the details obtained by the SOHR, the families were angry at the regime authorities after the media of the regime and its allies announced the full evacuation of abductees, whose numbers haven’t exceeded 200 persons, from the prisons of Jaysh Al-Islam and that the issue of the abductees and captures in Douma has completely ended after the “full evacuation of abductees”, which prompted the families to demand for clarification about the fate of more than 3000 persons didn’t get out and their fate is still unknown.

The sources confirmed to the Observatory that the people accused the regime authorities of abandoning their sons in return for the speeding up of the displacement of fighters of Jaysh Al-Islam and their families and civilians refusing the agreement between Jaysh al-Islam on one hand and the Russians and representatives of the regime forces on the other on the 8th of April 2018. Abductees told the SOHR sources that thousands of abductees were transferred to prisons of Jaysh Al-Islam and distributed to different prisons by Jaysh Al-Islam, noting that tens of the abductees were released in previous deals, while some others remained captured in the prisons of Jaysh Al-Islam until the mid of 2017. The families are angry because the regime ended the issue of the release in return for speeding up the evacuation of Jaysh al-Islam and their families and civilians refusing the agreement from Douma. The families said that the regime had earlier abandoned captured members of the regime in return for releasing the abductees of Hezbollah and Iranians and Afghani members of the regime’s allied militiamen captured by the factions.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 8th of April 2018 that learned from a number of reliable sources that the negotiations which took place today, Sunday the 8th of April 2018, between Jaysh Al-Islam and representatives of the Russian side, led to the revival of the old agreement between the both parties, which based on the release of thousands of abductees and captives arrested by Jaysh Al-Islam, and the departure of those who reject the agreement towards the Syrian North, where it is expected that practical steps will be carried out in the next few hours, after the military operations and shelling had stopped on Douma city which witnessed bloody massacres in the past two days, which left hundreds of casualties and wounded, and which were coincided with violent attack by the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities in places in the vicinity of Douma area, through which the regime forces managed to achieve advancement and take the control of about 50 farms  east of Douma from the side of Al-Raihan farms.