The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Douma witnesses the continuation of preparations in anticipation to the depart of the second batch of buses towards Syrian north

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the bus preparation process in city Douma continues to complete the second convoy, and start heading to the of Syrian north, where it is expected to depart in the coming hours, the second convoy includes tens of buses and on board there are thousands of fighters and their families and civilians who refused the deal between Jaysh al-Islam, and, the Russians and the regime, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored that the buses exit and stop at the outskirts in the Eastern Ghouta pending the completion of convoy to depart to the Syrian north.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published hours ago that it monitored the arrival of the convoy which carries thousands of the displaced people from Douma city, in the controlled areas of the forces of the “Euphrates Shield” Operation, where the buses entered heading towards the place specified for their stay at the present time, and sources of who were on the buses confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that the “Euphrates Shield” forces have confiscated the individual weapons that the fighters of Jaysh Al-Islam have, emphases that it is according to orders of the Turkish forces and intelligence, issued to them to take all individual weapons that the members and commanders of Jaysh Al-Islam have when they enter the area, amid resentment as a reaction against this step by the Turkish forces and their allied factions, which the people displaced from Douma to the Syrian North, the SOHR also monitored the continued preparations of the new convoy in Douma city, where the fighters of Jaysh Al-Islam, their families and citizens who reject the agreement, are getting on the buses, where a large convoy including tens of buses will be launched.